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Bridging Borders in Houston

Bridge UM


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Best practices ToolKit 

The Bridge_UM team has developed a best practices toolkit as a resource for those dedicated to serving vulnerable immigrant children in the Houston area. 

Best Practices


Health Needs Among Vulnerable Immigrant Children 

The highly diverse and rapidly growing Houston metropolitan area is home to 1.6 million immigrants. Texas Children’s Mobile Clinic Program in conjunction with Yes to Youth in Montgomery County, affiliated universities and local nonprofits proposed a solution named BRIDGE UM to address the wicked problem of inadequate access, provision and use of mental health services for vulnerable immigrant children including unaccompanied minors (UMs) in the Houston community.

Please watch our mini documentary Escúchame: Voices of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children filmed in 2021, Texas, USA

In addition to the support from family and friends, UMs need support from healthcare providers, educators, mentors, government officials, and policymakers. You have the power to give every child the opportunity they deserve.


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